Never underestimate the industrious nature of the badger. Renowned for their reputation for being tough and scrappy, they’re also highly intelligent and diligent organizers.

Badgers build complex burrows called setts, and keep them painstakingly clean, and padded with soft grass and moss. Preferring open pastures and meadowland, you’ll find badgers at all kinds of altitudes, from below sea level in Death Valley to high alpine meadows. Active year-round, badgers seldom hibernate, but will wait out a cold snap in the comfort of their sett.

Their skin is tough, strong enough to repel dog bites and porcupine quills, yet loose enough to turn around while being bitten and bite back. Those famous feet are strong and adaptable, with long claws for digging deep burrows, fending off attackers and climbing trees for honey. Even the skunk-like color of their thick furry coat warns would-be attackers of the unpleasant odor they’ll face if they cross the badger.

While badgers tend to prefer one another’s company, it’s not unusual to see a badger and coyote playing or even hunting together.

Badgers are now protected in many countries, after facing hundreds of years of culls, hunting, bloodsport and habitat loss. Their perseverance, industriousness and ability to stand the test of time and trials of mankind have provided inspiration in representing the capabilities and strength of our products