How we got started

I needed something to comfortably carry my folding camping chairs and all the gear I needed for my sons’ soccer, baseball and football games, our trips to the beach, the lake, and various outdoor activities.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on the market that did all of that.  It didn't exist.

So... I created it.

Our promise to you

At Badger Gear, we exist to help all “adventurers” get their gear and accessories under control and organized, so that you are free to connect with the important people in your life instead of hassling with gear.  As a result, you can be present in the moment while enjoying some of the best times of your life.



Life's an Adventure- Dig In

Your adventure could be camping, hiking, attending a child's sporting event, attending a music festival, or even tailgating- the point is to get out there and make memories. 

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